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Our Mission

The Shoals Community School Corporation, hereinafter referred to as Corporation, exists to meet the individual education needs of the children of the community by providing a program to develop the skills necessary to earn a living and to enjoy a high quality of life. The Corporation shall develop and maintain a standard of excellence in its education program and maintain a high level of expectation ensuring each student receives the best education possible, within the financial constraints of the Board of School Trustees.

“It’s one of those extra special days to be a Jug Rox each year on the “Jug Rox Make A Difference Day”! 

We are always so thankful on this day. Thankful for the community service the students & staff give back to their community, the community of Shoals.

The amount of work that is done in one day is simply phenomenal and does in fact……Make A Difference!” 

- Town of Shoals Clerk/Treasurer Sierra Rutledge

“Every time I see Shoals Shop Class post it’s one amazing experience to another !!!   I can’t say it enough. This is an amazing program they have!!”

- Marsha Boyd 

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