Scholarship and Financial Aid

High School Scholarships & Financial Aid

Available scholarships will be announced as information is received in the Counselor's Office. Students can pick up applications in the Counselor's Office once the scholarship is announced. Please watch for an updated list.


*Important note: Investigate colleges/universities/tech schools you are interested in attending.
Look into the internal scholarships they offer to students. See what you qualify for and apply.

*A common application for the Shoals Community School Scholarship Program will be given to all seniors in March 2016.

 Crane Credit Union Scholarship

Tri Kappa:
Tri Kappa Scholarship | Tri Kappa Key Scholarship | Scholarship Release Date

Helpful information about many aspects of attending college such as applying for scholarships, financial aid, etc. can be found at the following websites:

Indiana College Cost Estimator

National Center for College Costs

National Center for College Costs Newsletter



Instructions on How to Fill Out The FAFSA Form